Who Fits an Electric Shower: Plumber or Electrician? The Definitive Guide to Making the Right Choice

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Last Updated: 20/04/2024

Who exactly fits an electric shower in your home?

You've probably spent hours online, sifting through endless forums and articles to find a clear answer. 

It's a common crossroads for many homeowners: knowing you want the convenience and efficiency of an electric shower but feeling unsure about the next steps. 

Does this sound like you?

You're not just looking for an installer; you're searching for the right professional to bring your vision to life without the hassle and confusion. 

The journey from decision to installation should be something other than a leap into the unknown.

As a seasoned expert with 20 years of experience installing and repairing electric showers, I've witnessed firsthand the difference a correctly fitted electric shower can make. 

This article is your bridge from uncertainty to assurance, guiding you through selecting the perfect professional for installing your electric shower. 

We'll navigate the qualifications, expertise, and questions you should ask to ensure you're in the right hands.

So, if you're ready to move from puzzled to prepared, let's explore the essentials of ensuring your electric shower installation is perfect.

Key Takeaways

  • Who Fits Your Electric Shower?: The ideal professional for fitting an electric shower is a Part P-certified tradesperson. This ensures they are qualified to handle the electrical components safely and comply with building regulations. This could be a plumber or an electrician with the necessary certification.
  • Where Can They Be Fitted?: Electric showers can be fitted to any bathroom as they do not rely on stored hot water. However, they require specific electrical and plumbing considerations to ensure safety and optimal performance.
  • Should You DIY?: It's essential to consult a professional when installing an electric shower to avoid common pitfalls such as incorrect wiring or incompatible water pressure, which could lead to inefficient operation or safety hazards.
  • Cost: The cost of installing an electric shower varies, typically ranging from £150 to £300 for professional installation, with potential increases based on the complexity of the job and the shower's model.
  • Qualifications: Finding a trustworthy installer involves checking credentials, Part P certification for electrical work in bathrooms, and seeking recommendations or using reputable platforms to ensure they have a track record of satisfactory installations.
  • For homeowners in the United Kingdom considering an electric shower, it's crucial to balance the practicality and convenience offered by these units with the need for professional installation to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with local regulations.
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The Magic Behind Electric Showers

An electric shower represents a pinnacle of convenience and efficiency in modern bathrooms. 

Unlike traditional shower systems that draw hot water from a boiler or hot water tank, electric showers heat cold water on demand through an internal heating element, much like a kettle. 

This design not only ensures that you have hot water whenever you need it but also means that electric showers can be installed in any home, regardless of the existing heating system. 

They are particularly advantageous in homes where the hot water supply might be limited or where an independent showering system that doesn’t rely on central heating is desired.

Is an Electric Shower Your Next Best Investment? Find Out Why

Installing an electric shower in your home hinges on several benefits catering to convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

Firstly, electric showers offer an uninterrupted hot water supply, making them ideal for households where hot water is in high demand. 

They are energy-efficient, as water is heated on demand rather than continuously, which can lead to significant savings on energy bills over time. 

Moreover, with technological advancements, modern electric showers have features like digital temperature control, offering a customised showering experience that meets individual preferences for comfort and luxury.

However, weighing these advantages against installation requirements and running costs is crucial. 

High-wattage models provide a better flow rate and water pressure but entail higher running costs. The initial installation might require electrical upgrades to ensure your home's wiring can safely support the new shower.

In conclusion, if your priorities align with having a reliable hot water supply, enhanced control over your showering experience, and potential energy savings, investing in an electric shower could be a worthwhile decision for your home.

Electric Shower Installation: What You Need to Know

When contemplating the addition of an electric shower to your bathroom, several critical factors must be meticulously evaluated to ensure a seamless and successful installation. 

The installation process of an electric shower involves not just plumbing but also electrical work, making it a task that typically requires the expertise of a qualified professional. 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Any Room, Any Time: The Universal Fit of Electric Showers

Yes, electric showers offer the flexibility to be installed in virtually any bathroom setup. They draw water directly from the cold water supply and heat it on demand, eliminating the need for a hot water tank. 

However, assessing your bathroom's electrical system and water pressure compatibility with the electric shower you intend to install is essential. 

These assessments can help avoid issues such as inadequate water pressure affecting the shower's performance or electrical system incompatibilities posing safety risks.

The Electric Shower Conundrum: Who’s the Right Professional to Call?

Fitting an electric shower requires a tradesperson proficient in plumbing and certified to handle electrical installations in wet environments, as detailed under the Part P Building Regulations. 

This often means hiring a Part P-certified electrician or plumber with the necessary electrical qualifications. 

These professionals can ensure that the installation meets the required safety standards and effectively integrates with your home’s existing systems.

DIY or Professional: Who Should Install Your Electric Shower?

While DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to undertake the installation themselves, the combination of water and electricity presents significant risks. 

Fitting an electric shower is a task best left to professionals trained and certified to navigate the complexities of such installations safely.

Insider Tips: Navigating Your Electric Shower Purchase and Installation

Before purchasing an electric shower, consider the power rating, as this affects both the flow rate and the energy consumption. 

It's also wise to consult with the professional fitting the shower, as they can offer valuable advice on the best models for your specific needs and the potential for additional installation requirements, such as upgrading your home's electrical wiring or plumbing.

Golden Nuggets: Additional Insights on Fitting Your Electric Shower

  • Check Your Water Pressure: Ensure your water pressure meets the minimum requirement for your chosen electric shower model to function effectively.
  • Electrical Supply: Verify that your bathroom’s electrical system can safely accommodate the electric shower, considering its power rating and any necessary circuit modifications.
  • Positioning: Consider the placement of the shower unit for optimal functionality and ease of use, keeping in mind the locations of the existing water supply and electrical outlets.

By addressing these considerations, you can ensure that the installation of your electric shower not only enhances your daily showering experience but also adheres to safety standards and operational efficiency.

Crunching Numbers: The Financial Guide to Electric Showers

Understanding the financial implications of installing an electric shower is crucial for homeowners considering this upgrade. 

The costs can be broadly categorised into installation and running costs, each influenced by various factors that deserve careful consideration.

Unpacking the Price Tag: What’s the Real Cost of Installing an Electric Shower?

The cost of installing an electric shower can vary significantly based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation, the need for electrical upgrades, and the rates charged by the professional installer. 

On average, homeowners in the United Kingdom can expect installation costs to range from £150 to £300. 

However, costs can escalate quickly if your bathroom requires significant electrical work to accommodate the new shower. 

It's also worth noting that high-end electric shower models may command a premium not just for the unit itself but also for the installation due to more complex requirements or features.

Keeping the Lights On. Understanding Your Electric Shower's Running Costs

Another consideration that impacts the overall cost-effectiveness of this bathroom addition is the ongoing expense of running an electric shower. 

Electric showers heat water on demand, which can be more energy-efficient than continuously heating a water tank. 

However, the cost will depend on the unit's wattage and your electricity tariff. Models with higher wattage will provide better water pressure and flow rate and consume more electricity. 

To manage running costs effectively, it's advisable to select a model that balances performance with energy efficiency and to consider your household's typical usage patterns.

Finding the Right Professional

Once you've decided to install an electric shower and clearly understand the costs involved, the next step is finding a qualified professional to undertake the installation. 

This is a critical decision that can affect the success of the installation and the safety and reliability of your new shower.

The Quest for the Perfect Installer: Finding Your Electric Shower Hero

Selecting the right tradesperson involves more than just comparing quotes and verifying qualifications. 

Trusted Traders or other reputable trade directories can help you find qualified professionals. 

It's also advisable to discuss your specific needs and expectations with potential installers to ensure they can provide the service and results you want.

Final Thoughts and Wisdom on Electric Showers

While the immediate focus might be installing an electric shower's practical and financial aspects, there are additional considerations. 

These include understanding the warranty and aftercare services offered by the manufacturer and installer, considering the environmental impact of your chosen model, and ensuring that the electric shower's style and features complement your bathroom's overall design.

Left Wondering Still?

If you're still uncertain or have specific concerns not addressed in this article, seeking advice from a professional installer can help clarify and reassure you about your decisions.

Discovering the Electric Shower of Your Dreams

Remember, the perfect electric shower for your home balances performance, efficiency, cost, and design. 

Research and consult with professionals to ensure your new shower meets all your expectations and enhances your daily routine.

By considering these detailed aspects under each heading, readers are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of electric showers, enabling informed decision-making for their bathroom upgrades.

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