How to Use an Electric Shower: Full Guide Explained

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Gary Flood

Last Updated: 20/04/2024

Have you ever stepped into the shower, hoping for a soothing cascade of warmth, only to be met with a disappointing trickle that's either too hot or too cold? 

Mastering an electric shower can transform your daily routine into an effortlessly luxurious experience.

In this article, we'll guide you through the essentials of electric showers, from understanding how they work to installing them and maximising their benefits. 

Whether you're considering the switch to an electric shower or looking to optimise your current setup, this comprehensive overview will ensure you make informed decisions, leading to better, more enjoyable showers every day.

Let's explore electric showers and discover how they can enhance your daily routine, save energy costs, and provide consistent water temperature for the ultimate shower experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Electric Showers: An electric shower heats water on demand using an internal heating element, providing a consistent hot water supply independent of your home's water system. This makes it an efficient option for homes with limited hot water supply.

  • How to Use an Electric Shower: To use an electric shower, simply turn it on using the unit’s switch or knob, adjust the flow and temperature to your preference, and ensure your electrical system supports the shower's power requirements for safe operation.

  • Benefits and Considerations: Electric showers are energy-efficient as they heat only the water you use. However, proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to prevent electrical issues and ensure the unit operates efficiently.

  • Choosing the Right Model: When selecting an electric shower, consider the power rating and features like thermostatic controls and eco-friendly options that can enhance safety and reduce water usage.

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Revealing the Basics of Electric Showers and Their Unique Benefits

An electric shower is a standalone shower system that heats water instantly using an internal electric heating element. 

This design ensures you can have hot water whenever needed without relying on a pre-heated hot water system. 

This feature makes electric showers particularly suitable for households with limited hot water supply or where multiple people need to shower at different times.

Electric showers require only a cold water supply to operate because they heat water on demand. 

This differs from traditional showers that often depend on hot water from a home boiler or tank. 

Electric showers provide a continuous hot water supply by drawing cold water and heating it immediately, ensuring you don't unexpectedly run out mid-shower.

This system is practical and energy-efficient. It heats only the water used during the shower, reducing water and energy waste. 

This makes electric showers popular in many homes, particularly in regions where heating costs are concerned and smaller living spaces like apartments or mobile homes with limited space for large hot water tanks.

Unlocking the Secrets of Electric Showers: How Do They Work?

Electric showers harness a straightforward yet effective mechanism to provide instant hot water directly from the cold supply. 

Here’s a breakdown of how these devices operate, delivering consistent comfort without the wait:

Cold Water Inlet

The process begins when cold water is drawn into the unit from your home's main supply. 

This cold water is the sole source needed for operation, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Heating Element

As the cold water flows through the shower unit, it passes over a built-in heating element, similar to those found in electric kettles. 

This element is powered by electricity and is designed to heat the water quickly and efficiently as it passes through.

Temperature Control

Users can adjust the water temperature via a dial or electronic interface on the shower unit. 

This control modifies the flow rate of the water over the heating element, allowing for precise temperature adjustments. 

Slower water flow means hotter water, as the water spends more time in contact with the heating element. Conversely, increasing the flow results in cooler water.

Safety Features

Modern electric showers are equipped with thermostatic controls to prevent the water from becoming too hot, safeguarding against scalding. 

These systems monitor the water temperature and automatically adjust the heating element to maintain a consistent output, regardless of fluctuations in water pressure or temperature of the incoming supply.


Finally, the heated water exits the unit through the showerhead, ready for use. 

The instant heating capability ensures that water is only heated on demand, conserving energy and reducing costs, making electric showers an eco-friendly choice for the modern home.

By understanding these components and their function, users can better appreciate the efficiency and convenience offered by electric showers, making them a preferred choice for many households looking to streamline their daily routines.

Top Reasons to Choose an Electric Shower

Electric showers offer a range of advantages that make them an appealing choice for many households. 

These benefits are rooted in electric showers' unique technology and functionality, prioritising efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

Instant Hot Water

One of the most significant benefits of electric showers is their ability to provide hot water instantly. 

Unlike traditional systems that use a boiler to heat a large water tank, electric showers heat water on demand. 

This means no waiting for the water to warm up, which is particularly useful during busy mornings or when multiple people need to use the shower in succession.

Energy Efficiency

Electric showers are highly energy-efficient. 

They heat only the amount of water that is used during the shower, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. 

This targeted heating prevents energy wastage, making electric showers a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers looking to minimise their environmental impact.

Reduced Water Usage 

Alongside energy efficiency, electric showers can contribute to reduced water usage. 

With precise water flow and temperature controls, users can easily adjust their shower settings to use less water. 

Some models also feature eco settings that optimise water usage without sacrificing performance, ideal for households aiming to conserve water.

Easy Installation and Independence from Household Heating Systems 

Electric showers require only a cold water supply and an electrical connection, simplifying installation and making them independent from the home's central heating system. 

This independence ensures that a malfunction in the central heating system does not affect the availability of hot water, providing peace of mind and continuous access to hot showers.

These benefits demonstrate why electric showers are a compelling option for modern homes, offering a blend of practicality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness that is hard to match with traditional water heating methods.

Step-by-Step Guide to Electric Shower Installation

Installing and maintaining an electric shower involves straightforward procedures that ensure optimal performance and longevity. 

Here’s a detailed guide to installing and maintaining your electric shower, incorporating best practices and expert advice.

How to Install an Electric Shower

  1. Preparation: Before installation, ensure your home's electrical system can handle the electric shower's requirements, typically between 7.5kW and 10.5kW. It is crucial to check that your circuit breaker and wiring suit the load.

  1. Water Supply Connection: Connect the electric shower unit to the cold water supply. The water pressure must meet the shower unit's specifications, which are typically between 0.7 bar and 10 bar.

  1. Electrical Connection: Electric showers must be connected to an independent electrical circuit directly from the consumer unit to ensure safety and compliance with electrical regulations. Use a 45-amp pull switch to operate the shower and ensure all connections are tight and secure.

  1. Mounting the Unit: Securely mount the shower unit on the bathroom wall, ideally inside the shower area, but out of the direct water spray line. The unit should be accessible for maintenance but safe from regular water contact.

  1. Testing: Test the electric shower once installed to ensure it operates correctly. Check for leaks in the water supply connections and monitor the electric shower during its first few uses to ensure no electrical issues.

Maintenance Tips for Electric Showers

  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep the shower head and hose clean from lime scale and debris, which can build up and affect water flow and temperature control. Descale the shower head regularly to maintain a strong and even flow.

  1. Periodic Checks: Regularly inspect the electric shower for any signs of wear or damage, particularly to the electrical connections and the unit itself. Ensure that the pull switch functions correctly and safely.

  1. Professional Servicing: Have a qualified electrician or plumber service the electric shower annually to ensure it remains in good working condition and adheres to safety standards. This check should thoroughly inspect the heating element and thermostatic controls.

Following these installation and maintenance guidelines ensures that your electric shower operates efficiently and safely, providing reliable performance and extending lifespan.

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Shower for Your Home

Selecting the ideal electric shower for your home involves considering various factors that align with your specific needs and installation conditions. 

Here are key aspects to consider when choosing an electric shower that offers efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Shower

Power Rating

Electric showers come in various power ratings, typically from 7.5 kW to 10.5 kW. 

A higher kilowatt rating generally means better water flow and quicker heating, which can provide a more satisfying shower experience. 

Consider your home's wiring and circuit capacity, as higher-powered showers may require thicker cables and a more robust electrical setup.

Water Pressure Compatibility

Ensure your electric shower is compatible with your home's water pressure. 

Electric showers require a minimum water pressure to function effectively, usually around 0.7 bar. 

If your home has low water pressure, consider a model designed to cope with this issue or install a pump to boost pressure.

Thermostatic Controls

For households with children or elderly individuals, an electric shower with thermostatic controls is beneficial. 

These controls help maintain consistent water temperature and prevent scalding, even if there are fluctuations in water pressure or temperature of the incoming supply.

Energy Efficiency Features

Look for electric showers with energy-saving features, such as eco modes that reduce water and electricity consumption. 

These features help save on utility bills and support your household’s environmental goals.

Design and Installation Ease

Consider the design of the electric shower and its ease of installation. 

Some models offer flexible installation options with adjustable fittings and multiple water and cable entry points, making them easier to install in various bathroom layouts.

User-Friendly Features

Features such as digital displays, easy-to-use controls, and memory settings that allow users to save their preferred shower settings enhance the user experience and add convenience.

Warranty and Support

Always check the warranty offered with the electric shower. 

A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer's confidence in their product. 

Additionally, consider manufacturers that provide accessible customer support for guidance and troubleshooting.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose an electric shower that meets your household's needs in terms of performance and safety and offers convenience and longevity, ensuring a worthwhile investment for your home.


Electric showers offer a versatile and efficient solution for enhancing the daily showering experience. 

They are particularly advantageous for homes with high demand for hot water or where the existing hot water system cannot efficiently meet the needs. 

By providing instant and continuous hot water, electric showers ensure that your day starts with a reliable and rejuvenating shower without waiting or worrying about running out of hot water.

The benefits of installing an electric shower extend beyond mere convenience. 

They are a cost-effective choice due to their energy efficiency. They heat the water only as it is used, reducing energy consumption and utility bills. 

Moreover, the range of available models with varying power ratings and features allows homeowners to select a shower that best fits their needs and bathroom configurations.

Proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to make the most of an electric shower. 

Ensuring the shower is correctly installed and routinely checked for issues can prevent unnecessary repairs and prolong the unit’s lifespan. 

Additionally, understanding your electric shower's features and functionality will help optimise its performance and energy usage.

In conclusion, whether upgrading from a traditional hot water system or installing a new shower, an electric shower can be a smart and sustainable choice. 

It offers functionality and flexibility, making it ideal for modern homes looking to enhance their water heating systems. 

With the right selection and care, an electric shower can provide lasting comfort and convenience, making every shower a delightful experience.


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